Tuesday, March 18, 2014


In first grade I was still the trouble maker I had been in kindergarten. Maybe even more so. My most vivid memory of first grade is the time that a friend and I blew up a Go-Gurt on the wall of our elementary school.

We were coming in from recess and noticed that in the little hallway between the exit and our classroom there was a Go-Gurt on the ground. Like any reasonable first grader, we decided it would be absolutely hilarious to step on it.

It squelched and we laughed. We thought we were geniuses. This was pure comedy. The funny sounds the yogurt packet  had made only egged us on and we continued to jump and step on it.

After numerous jumping assaults to the Go-Gurt we noticed that it had begun to leak a little.

We knew that if we continued to jump on it the Go-Gurt would burst and we'd get in trouble. There is nothing that fills a six-year-old with more fright that getting scolded by a teacher. That and an "I'm very disappointed in you" lecture from a parent. If the Go-Gurt exploded we very well could've gotten both. We decided to just have one more go at it, surely one more jump couldn't hurt.

Upon that final jump, the Go-Gurt exploded all over the wall of the hallway. We were mortified.

My ever-loyal friend ran and got our teacher to tell her that I had blown up a Go-Gurt. Me, and only me. No accomplices or other people. The mess of yogurt on the wall was solely my responsibility.

I was firmly scolded and given the punishment of staying in after lunch and helping clean up for a whole week. No recess for a whole entire week! Unimaginable. It was the cruelest of punishments and I regretted even looking at the Go-Gurt.

However if I was put in the same situation I think I would still jump on the Go-Gurt. My regrets didn't last very long.

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