Thursday, March 13, 2014


I have a dog. Dog is a  2010 male yellow lab model with characteristic pink pads, nose, and skin. Dog is fully functioning, with mint condition hearing, smelling, and tasting. Listening and obeying commands is optional and must be manually learned.

Dog is pretty great. In March of 2010 Dog was just 10 weeks old and looked like this:

Dog grew a lot in the first two years of his life. Some photos of Dog from the early years:

Then Dog decided that he was done being little and Dog grew up, leaving his wild reckless days as a puppy behind him. 

Here we see Dog as a responsible adult, chewing a bone rather than a shoe or the couch. 

Here we see Dog lounging on a pool chair, taking it all in rather than being a psychotic furry pool bomb. 

And finally, we see Dog observing the small town of Cody, Wyoming, from the hotel balcony. Good job not jumping off the balcony, Dog. 

Dog is something of a free spirit. Dog also has a well developed sense of humor.

Here Dog shows off his flashy blue sunglasses. Dog isn't afraid to show the world his true colors.

Dog is also not camera shy. Dog is rather photogenic.

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